Type: warm season annual legume

Uses: Soybeans are very attractive to deer from the onset of emergence. They are so preferred that most small acreage plantings will be killed quickly by deer grazing pressure. It will not regrow from early browse pressure, hence it needs fencing or repellents in small (< 5 acre) fields. Soybeans are ideal for mixing with grain sorghum, peas, alyce clover or other warm season annual legumes. At maturity it will make high quality seed for game birds and deer. Individual plantings of soybeans can be staggered by planting date to provide season long production.

Best for: Deer, Turkey, Duck, Pheasant, Rabbit, Quail


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Planting Date: April - August

Rate: 35 lbs./acre or 1 lb./1000 sq.ft.

Depth: 1/2"