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Pennington is dedicated to creating the best wild bird food available by birders, for birders. Each blend we create is specially formulated to keep birds healthy. From our exclusive BIRD-KOTE technology, to our specially developed food blends. The experts at Pennington are dedicated to bringing in the birds in your area, and keep them coming back.
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Turn your backyard into a natural habitat for birds by feeding them year-round. A plentiful supply of Pennington’s vitamin enriched bird food will attract newly hatched birds, as well as many other varieties of seasonal migrating birds. Fresh seed, a clean feeder, and a constant supply of clean water are preferred by birds. To attract a wider variety of birds, use multiple feeders placed in different locations in your yard. This helps ensure that all birds are able to feed.

Pennington's Satisfaction Guarantee:

Pennington has been making quality Wild Bird Products since 1945. If you are not satisfied with a Pennington Bird Product, return the unused portion with a store receipt for a full refund to:
Penn Pak, PO Box 290,
Madison, GA 30650