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Products are scientifically mixed and field tested.

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Superior mixes that can provide a year-round food source.

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Wildlife seed for habitat improvement.

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As thrilling as the actual hunt can be, there's also an excitement that comes with planning and planting your land or lease in hopes of attracting and retaining quality game. The most important piece of that puzzle is choosing the right food plots grown from the highest quality seed. That's where Pennington comes in.  Through more than two decades of research and development, Pennington has been a leader in the field of wildlife management.
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  • Food Plot 3-Way Clover Blend

    Food Plot Seed for Wildlife 3 Way Clover Blend is a blend of Annual clovers with staggered maturity dates that ensure protein rich forage when it is needed most for deer, turkey and other wildlife.

  • AlyceClover

    While not a true clover, alyceclover is a warm season annual legume that can supply an abundant amount of high quality forage for deer from early summer to early fall.

  • Arrowleaf Clover

    Primarily used in the southern half of the U.S., arrowleaf clover is a cool-season annual legume that supplies an abundant amount of protein-rich nutrition for deer and other wildlife species in late spring into early summer.

  • Black Sunflower (Peredovik Type)

    The seed makes excellent feed for all game birds, especially doves. The plants are highly preferred by deer when they are young and still growing.

  • Food Plot Brassica Blend

    Food Plot Seed for Wildlife Brassica Seed Blend is a 100% brassica blend that is easy to establish and highly preferred by deer during the winter months.

  • Buckwheat

    Buckwheat is extremely early maturing with seed yields as fast as 7-10 weeks after emergence. Well suited to almost any soil type, the plant is attractive to deer and provides excellent summer forage.

  • Brown Top Millet

    Brown top millet produces an abundance of seed that are highly attractive to quail and dove when planted on upland sites and to ducks when planted in areas that can be flooded.

  • Chufas

    This annual nutsedge will mature in about 100 days, producing underground nuts or tubers that turkey, deer, ducks and hogs cannot resist.