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  • AU Sunrise Crimson Clover Forage

    AU Sunrise crimson clover was specifically bred for early maturity. It offers superior plant vigor and yield and good reseeding capability.

  • Tierra Verde

    Tierra Verde bermuda blend features two of Pennington's improved varieties of forage bermuda - Mohawk and Sahara II.

  • Texoma MaxQ II Tall Fescue Perennial Grass

    Texoma MaxQ II is the next generation of non-toxic, novel endophyte infected tall fescue. It offers higher yields, superior animal performance and greater grazing persistence than both older and more recently released varieties of tall fescue.

  • Supergraze Winter Annual

    Supergraze combines the cold tolerance of grain rye with the high yield and long growing season of annual ryegrass for an extended fall, winter, and spring grazing period of up to seven months in many areas of the United States.

  • Sahara II Bermudagrass

    Sahara II multi-purpose seeded bermudagrass was developed for quick establishment and coverage along with good heat and drought tolerance and consistent high forage yield.

  • Patriot White Clover

    Patriot white clover was developed specifically for high yield, persistence and grazing tolerance. It performs well as a companion forage with warm and Cool Season Perennial pasture grasses. Patriot is widely adapted with excellent animal acceptance and performance. It is a highly durable Perennial with excellent heat and drought tolerance. As a legume, Patriot fixes 75-150 lbs/A nitrogen or more Annually that can be shared with companion forages.

  • Passerel Plus Annual Ryegrass

    Passerel Plus combines high yield with outstanding disease resistance and cold tolerance. It provides highly palatable and nutritious forage for multiple livestock species. Excellent for grazing, hay or silage.

  • Lacefield MaxQII

    Lacefield MaxQII is a non-toxic novel endophyte tall fescue for livestock.