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Pennington Classic Blends:

This economical and versatile blend of seed attracts a wide variety of birds. And it's packed with sunflower seeds that songbirds love. This line also offers a great mix for other wildlife and ear corn for squirrel lovers.

Pennington Premium Blends:

Our Premium seed blends attract a wide variety of songbirds. This line also contains straight seeds such as safflower seed, sunflower chips and thistle seed.

Pennington Ultra Blends:

A superior blend of high quality seed-with fruit and nut blends to attract the largest variety of beautiful and colorful songbirds. The Ultra blends also provide a mix of the nutrient-packed seed crucial to bird health.

Pennington's Natural Springs Nectar:

An undisputed Hummingbird favorite. Made from all-natural mineral water that's never fluoridated or chlorinated, Natural Springs Nectar is also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals hummingbirds need to stay healthy.