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Pennington Seed is proud to offer seed to improve your wildlife habitat. Our varieties and various mixes have been field tested for many years and are the finest products on the market today.
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  • Rackmaster Powerhouse Mix

    RACKMASTER Powerhouse features a blend of forage chicory and Pennington's ultra-popular Durana white clover - both of which can last multiple years without replanting when properly managed. RACKMASTER Powerhouse produces leafy growth with similar nutritional characteristics as alfalfa. It is excellent for use alone or in mixes with Cool Season Annual grasses.

  • Rackmaster Supreme Fall

    Rackmaster Supreme Fall is a combination of highly succulent and nutrient-rich winter annual small grains, brassica and annual legumes designed for the person who wants to maximize the growth and health of the entire deer herd.

  • Rackmaster Chicory

    RACKMASTER Chicory features a blend of Perennial forage chicory varieties that supplies abundant amounts of highly digestible, premium quality forage for deer and other wildlife throughout the spring and summer months and into fall. It is excellent for use in mixes with Cool Season Annual grasses and legumes.

  • Rackmaster Deer Greens

    RACKMASTER Deer Greens is a combination of brassicas including rape, purple top turnip, kale and Trophy Radish that provides abundant and nutritious forage for deer during the fall and winter months. It can also be planted in late winter/early spring.

  • Rackmaster Clover Trio

    RACKMASTER Clover Trio mix is a blend of Annual and Perennial clovers with staggered maturity dates that provides abundant amounts of protein and energy rich forage for deer, turkey and other wildlife for up to 10 months Annually.

  • Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Deer Mix

    RACKMASTER Fall Deluxe Mixture is a combination of winter Annual grasses, legumes and brassica that attract deer and provide the nutrients needed by the deer herd to maintain good body condition throughout the rut and winter stress period. It also furnishes excellent browsing habitat for quail and turkey. A hunter favorite.

  • Rackmaster Deluxe Spring/Summer Mix

    RACKMASTER Deluxe Spring/Summer Mixture is a blend of soybeans, iron clay cowpeas, buckwheat, sunflower and sorghum that furnishes deer with the nutrients needed for antler and body growth, milk production for does nursing fawns and overall health of the deer herd. It also provides food and cover for turkey, dove and quail.

  • Rackmaster DeerGrazer

    DeerGrazer combines three brassicas and Crimson Clover into one agronomically sound mix that will provide a high protein food plot for your deer herd.