Food Plot

Use the tool below to map your hunting area including food plots, game trails, paths to stands and location of stands.

  1. To create a food plot map, enter a name for it in the 'Enter Map Name' field and hit the '+' button when you're ready. A new map icon will appear.
  2. Enter the address of your property in the "Enter your location" field being as specific as possible. You may have to search the map using known roads if you don't have an exact address. If you are on your property, you may hit the icon and it will automatically find your location if you have geo-locate enabled on your phone's browser.
  3. Once you locate your property, zoom in if needed and select which elements you would like to add to your map from the below buttons. You may create food plots, mark trails and place stands. Click once to begin drawing food plots and click at each corner to change direction. Double click to end.
  4. Select all animals you'd like to attract to your food plots to get a list of product recommendations and the number of bags needed to establish the food plot. Please note that if you select more than one species, the results will only display products that can be used for all the selected species.
  5. Click the recommended product links to take you to product pages where you can find more detailed information and options to buy.
  1. Maps will automatically be stored on your device unless your browser's cache is cleared.
  2. To save your map files and open them on additional devices, click the 'Export Maps' button.
  3. You may then email this file to yourself, or others, so that it may be saved and opened by coming back to this site and using the 'Load Maps' button.
  4. You can print the page at any time using the 'Print Maps' button. It is recommended to change the orientation of your map to landscape instead of portrait.
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