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  • Pennington 12 Inch Feeder Hook

    Made of rust resistant steel for heavy-duty, chew-proof construction, our feeder hook is designed to hold any wooden, plastic, or metal bird feeder up to 10 lbs of weight.

  • Pennington Squirrel Resistant Feeder in Bronze

    Pennington Squirrel Resistant feeder is constructed from rust resistant metal. This tube style feeder has a patented design to help prevent squirrels from accessing the food.

  • Pennington Songbird Lantern Feeder

    This functional small hopper lantern style feeder has six feeding perches. The raised center diverts seed to each opening for perfect seed flow and limited seed waste.

  • Pennington Window Hook

    It allows you to hang a bird feeder from any window in your home and brings various songbirds closer to view. The heavy duty suction cup will hold up to 5 lbs of weight.

  • Pennington Grand Snack Shack

    Attract more birds with suet and seed combination! The Pennington Grand Snack Shack is made out of naturally weather-resistant Eastern Red Cedar.

  • Pennington Cedar Home

    Provide a safe nesting spot for small cavity nesting birds with our naturally weather-resistant Eastern Red Cedar Home.

  • Pennington Cedar Junior Pavilion Bird Feeder

    This unique hopper style feeder attracts more birds to one feeder and allows feeding and viewing from all four sides.

  • Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

    The open window design offers shelter for feeding birds and allows for optimal viewing as they feed.


Cedar Feeders are skillfully handmade in Ohio by Amish and American master craftsmen. Made from durable Eastern Red Cedar, our superior level of quality ensures that these feeders will be beautiful and functional for years to come.


Hopper Feeders come in a variety of sizes and materials ensuring that we have a feeder to suit every need and budget.


Tube Feeders are designed to keep seed clean and dry, while offering multiple seed ports to feed more songbirds at one time.


Bird Houses are stylish, functional and designed to attract nesting birds in your area.


Accessories you need - to hang your feeder in any setting.