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Our plant food spans from organic and natural blends to synthetic innovations and beyond. Customize your growth journey with Pennington Plant Food and nurture the roots you put down.

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Non-burning Ironite lawn and plant fertilizers provide plants with color-enhancing iron and high-quality essential nutrients for rich color and lush growth.

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Derived from ocean fish and kelp, Alaska plant fertilizers deliver gentle, naturally-based ingredients that feed your plants and improve your soil.


Lilly Miller

Lilly Miller fertilizers are blends of traditional and natural-based ingredients that deliver high quality nutrients for lawns, gardens, flowers, and indoor plants.

Plant Food

Our premium plant food products help you grow healthy, beautiful plants indoors and out. From rich, deep green leaves to nutritious fruit and luxuriant hydrangea blossoms, Pennington plant fertilizers provide your plants with ideal blends of nutrients and minerals to achieve the results you've been dreaming of.

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