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Recommended Grass Seed for Your Region

Whether establishing a new lawn or maintaining an existing one, matching the best cool- or warm-season grasses to your growing region is critical. Choosing the Pennington grass seed that's suited to your location and goals will help you achieve desired results.

Cool-season grasses yield vigorous growth in northern regions with cool spring and fall seasons, and moderate summers. Warm-season grasses flourish in southern regions where seasonal summer temperatures run high. They thrive on summer heat, but can't withstand northern winters. By choosing premium lawn grasses designed specifically for regional factors such as humidity, aridity and elevation, you ensure your lawn has every advantage for success:

  1. Northeast Region
  2. Midwest Region
  3. Southeast Region
  4. Deep South and Gulf Coast Region
  5. Southwest Region
  6. Pacific Northwest Region
  7. Transition Region

Common Grass Seed Mistakes To Avoid

Creating a lush, vibrant lawn takes commitment, but the rewards of a successful grass seed project are worth the time and resources you invest. A beautiful lawn can improve your home's value, benefit the environment and enhance your family's quality of life. Even if you're a first-time lawn grower, you can seed right and avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Planting the wrong type of seed
  2. Skipping the soil test and recommendations
  3. Using lime incorrectly or unnecessarily
  4. Ignoring recommended seeding rates
  5. Miscalculating your lawn dimensions
  6. Planting without regard for proper timing
  7. Using weed treatments or weed & feed fertilizers with seed

Click the link to read more about how to avoid common grass mistakes.

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