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  • Mohawk

    Developed by plant breeders at Virginia Tech, Mohawk seeded bermuda offers consistent high forage and hay yields, fine leaf texture, excellent palatability and superior cold tolerance.

  • Lacefield MaxQII

    Lacefield MaxQII is a non-toxic novel endophyte tall fescue for livestock.

  • Jesup MaxQII

    Jesup MaxQII is an excellent choice for livestock producers planting a novel endophyte tall fescue anywhere that tall fescue is grown.

  • Durana Clover Forage

    Durana was developed specifically for persistence and grazing tolerance. It performs well as a companion forage with warm and cool season perennial grasses. Durana is widely adapted with excellent animal acceptance and performance.

  • Texoma MaxQ II Tall Fescue Perennial Grass

    Texoma MaxQ II is the next generation of non-toxic, novel endophyte infected tall fescue. It offers higher yields, superior animal performance and greater grazing persistence than both older and more recently released varieties of tall fescue.

  • Tierra Verde

    Tierra Verde bermuda blend features two of Pennington's improved varieties of forage bermuda - Mohawk and Sahara II.

  • Sahara II Bermudagrass

    Sahara II multi-purpose seeded bermudagrass was developed for quick establishment and coverage along with good heat and drought tolerance and consistent high forage yield.

  • Wintergrazer 70 Cereal Rye Forage

    Wintergrazer 70 is a longtime farmer favorite as a winter annual grazing forage. It combines high yields with superior cold tolerance.