Top Ten Cream of The Crop Food Plot Plants-North and South

Wait a minute, you say, how can a biologist from Georgia write about food plots both in the deep south and the frozen north? Just like some outdoor writers, a couple of phone calls and we have an expert, right? Wrong! Let me explain. Where I worked in northeast Georgia for 28 years, we planted food plots at mountainous elevations as high as 4,000 ft. above sea level and as low as 1,000 ft. and everywhere in between. This is equivalent in climate and vegetation to areas as far as 1,000 miles north! We planted orchardgrass, perennial ryegrass and timothy, for example, which are not adapted to the south. Also, I have hunted on and assisted with food plot mixes for over 35 years on a very successful high quality hunt club in New Hampshire. I grew up in Connecticut and assist friends with their plots in that state. Finally, I read Ed Spinazzola's book Wildlife Food Plots, Easy as 1-2-3 based on his extensive experiences in Michigan and speak with him quite frequently. I recommend the book to anyone planting food plots in the North.


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