Pennington Wildlife Products - Jay Klaverweiden

"As the owner of a wildlife property management company, I strongly believe in using proven products backed by research. In Pennington, I have found a seed a company with the same philosophy. Pennington offers a wide range of wildlife food plot products and mixes that have been researched and proven. That is the reason I teamed up with them 6 years ago to become a dealer. Durana white clover has been a mainstay in our food plots for the past 6-7 years. As part of my business, I custom plant food plots for a number of customers. Rackmaster Elite & Buckmasters Feeding Frenzy are two of my favorite mixes. I really like the combination of grasses and legumes that establish quickly to attract and provide food for deer while the perennial legumes and forbs come on later to provide high quality nutrition for wildlife in spring and summer. My business depends on providing dependable products and the Pennington Rackmaster and Buckmaster wildlife food plot products deliver for me and my clients."