Durana Clover Success Story - Chris Herring

On my property, my goal is to have a healthy deer herd and grow big bucks. To do this, I need an ample supply of high quality nutrition pretty much year-round. Mitt Wardlaw, a crop consultant and good friend of mine from Starkville, told me about Durana white clover and encouraged me to try it. He said it was tough, competitive with weeds, shade tolerant and would stand up to heavy deer grazing pressure. It was good advice. We now have over 40 acres of Durana planted on the property. The Durana we planted 6 years ago is still there. In fact, in seven years we have never had a failure with Durana. It really works well here. Durana provides eleven months of nutrition. No other product can do that.

Chris Herring
Southern Forest Timber Co./Arrowhead Farms
Columbus, MS