The success of a sod farm starts with the quality of the seed that is planted. Choose one of Pennington’s varieties to give your turf the appearance, vigor and drought tolerance of a proven winner.

Gold Tag Certified Seed

Gold Tag certified seed is the highest standard for seed purity in the industry, however at Pennington Seed we go beyond the industry standard by requiring our seed be free of many more contaminants. We ensure that our seed is free of all crop and weed seed* when sold as Pennington® Gold Tag Seed. Our increased scrutiny ensures our customers are receiving the best sod quality seed available.

Our Pennington® Gold Tag is verified as free of all crop and weed seeds in tow independently drawn samples and submitted to two separate seed testing labs. While guaranteeing any lot of seed as being completely free of crop and week seed is not possible, our testing procedures offer the highest verification offered.

Please contact us at to discuss our line of Gold Tag Certified Seed.

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  • Arden 15 Certified Hybrid Bermudagrass

    Good quality Bermuda turfgrass with excellent color and superior early spring green-up. A two-clone intraspecific hybrid that provides a more uniform turf compared to other seeded cultivars!

  • Prestige Blend Bluegrass

    Prestige Blend Bluegrass is a blend of premium Kentucky Bluegrasses combined to provide the highest quality of turfgrass.

  • Smart Seed Pro Athletic Field Mix

    A mix designed to provide a durable playing surface for high-use park settings, a wide-range of landscape settings, and home lawns.

  • Signature Series Tall Fescue Blend

    Signature Series Blend is a lower growing, dark green tall fescue blend which forms a dense turf for sod production, home lawns, parks, athletic fields and golf course roughs.

  • Smart Seed Pro Tall Fescue & Kentucky Bluegrass

    A composite of fine textured cultivars for use in landscapes, for home lawns, parks, athletic fields, and golf courses.

  • Smart Seed Pro Tri-Fescue

    A composite of fine textured cultivars for use in landscapes, for home lawns, parks, athletic fields, and golf courses.

  • Tri-Fescue Blend

    Tri Fescue tall fescue blend is composed of three tall fescues varieties selected for color, turf quality, and survivability under adverse conditions. It produces a beautiful, dense turf highlighted by its green color and leaf texture. This economical blend is well adapted for use in any tall fescue application.