Slopemaster is a seed mixture specifically designed for erosion control where rapid establishment is a necessity with little follow up maintenance. Slopemaster features the durable white clover Durana which is a medium-leafed, intermediate type white clover containing as many as 97 stolons per sq. foot which will secure most erodable soils. Durana is a superior white clover that is persistent and will fixate up to 150 lbs of atmospheric nitrogen per acre per year. The Nitrogen fixation by Durana will provide enrichment to a stand of low maintenance cool & warm season turfgrass. Durana is durable and you can count on it to compliment a stand of tall fescue or bermuda with lespedeza to maintain a long stand life. Slopemaster is also treated with Pennington’s exclusive GermMax technology for enhanced establishment.

Slopemaster Tech Sheet
Slopemaster Seeding Spec
Slopemaster Hydroseeding Spec