Mining and other land use activities inevitably disturb land that must be reclaimed. Reclaimed mine lands are often more attractive to wildlife and human uses than before mining started. By providing sustainable vegetation solutions, Pennington Seed has become a trusted partner in the Reclamation Industry.
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  • Flexterra

    Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium is designed using patented technology that immediately bonds to the soil, providing superior slope protection to rolled Erosion Control Blankets and Bonded Fiber Matrix products - with the speed and cost saving of hydraulic seeding.

  • Slopemaster

    Slopemaster is a seed mixture specifically designed for erosion control where rapid establishment is a necessity with little follow up maintenance.

  • GreenArmor System

    The unique GreenArmor System protects against elevated levels of hydraulic lift and shear forces while encouraging turf establishment and long-term root reinforcement - growing denser vegetation, faster, in areas where common TRMs have fallen short.

  • Excel Straw Blanket

    Excel SR-1 and SS-2 temporary Erosion Control Blankets are composed of a 100% certified weed free agricultural straw matrix.

  • ProMatrix

    ProMatrix Engineered Fiber Matrix (EFM) is a non toxic fiber matrix that delivers erosion control and vegetative establishment at a competitive price. It contains proprietary dispersion granules that ensure smooth and consistent easy to use application. ProMatrix has a higher loading rate, giving you a competitive edge when bidding on jobs. The higher loading rate saves you time and water usage resulting in 20% fewer tank loads per job. ProMatrix offers superior performance and sustainable results.

  • Reclaim Damp Mix

    This hardy mixture was designed for revegetating and stabilizing disturbed sites and low-maintenance areas in moist soils.

  • Reclaim Native Rough Mixture

    This low growing mixture is designed for use on golf courses provides an attractive, fine-textured low-maintenance cover, reminiscent of old Scottish links.

  • Reclaim Native Shortgrass Mixture

    An attractive low growing mixture with superior heat and drought tolerance. Perfect for use on golf course tee banks.