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Princess 77

Princess 77 bermudagrass is the first dense, fine-textured hybrid bermudagrass variety to be available in seeded form. Princess seed is produced much like hybrid seed corn, but instead of two inbred parent lines, two self-incompatible but cross-fertile parent clones are planted in alternating rows. The specific combining ability of these two elite parent clones is what makes Princess 77, an F1 hybrid, the first seeded bermudagrass that is competitive with the vegetative hybrid bermudagrasses for turfgrass quality, leaf texture, color, and density.


  • Outstanding drought tolerance
  • Requires 21% less water than Tifway
  • Dark green color
  • Better divot recovery than Tifway
  • Medium fine leaf texture
  • High leaf density
  • Excellent fall color retention
  • Higher overall turf quality than all commercial seeded varieties in U.S. and International tests

Princess 77 tech sheet
Princess 77 spec sheet

Climatic Zones: 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12