Arden 15 Certified Hybrid Bermudagrass

Good quality Bermuda turfgrass with excellent color and superior early spring green-up. A two-clone intraspecific hybrid that provides a more uniform turf compared to other seeded cultivars. Arden 15 has an improved cold tolerance which makes it an ideal solution for planting in transitional markets as far north as Tulsa, Louisville and Richmond. This variety has a faster grow-in versus Princess 77.


  • Excellent quality, cover, density and color
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Reduced scalping
  • Water tolerance
  • Planted in transitional areas
  • Rapid growth
  • Early spring green-up

Arden 15 Benefits & Characteristics


Climatic Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Grass Adaptation Map