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Once established, our purebred, drought-tolerant Smart Seed grasses require up to 30 percent less water than ordinary grass seed. That's year after year, for the life of your lawn.


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We work hard every day to cultivate the best grass seed products available. Pennington Selects grass seed is bred to not only look better but also be water-efficient and disease-resistant.



With Pennington’s The Rebels Brand Premium Grass Seed, you’ll enjoy a thick, beautiful, dark green tall fescue lawn. That’s the Pennington Guarantee. ​


Pennington offers a selection of premium, economically priced grass seed products and the great Pennington quality your yard deserves.

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  • Pennington Smart Seed Northeast Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix

    In the Northeast, your lawn must withstand cold winters and hot, humid summers. Pennington Smart Seed Northeast Mix consists of a premium mix of Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescues that are specifically designed to flourish in this climate.

  • Pennington Smart Seed Pacific Northwest Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix

    In the Pacific Northwest, your lawn must withstand cool, wet weather all year. Pennington Smart Seed Pacific Northwest Mix consists of a premium mix of Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescues that are specifically designed to flourish in this climate.

  • Pennington Kwik Grass Mixture

    Produces a thick, medium green, temporary lawn that grows rapidly in full sun to medium shade. Kwik Grass establishes quickly and can be used to overseed existing lawns.

  • Pennington Annual Ryegrass Grass Seed

    Enjoy a fast-growing, vibrant temporary lawn with Pennington Annual Ryegrass. Annual Ryegrass is known for fast establishment and quick color. Whether you are looking for temporary winter color for a southern lawn or temporary support for a permanent northern lawn, this grass seed is the ideal choice. Plus, it is disease-resistant and can withstand foot traffic from friends, family and pets.

  • Pennington Contractors Grass Seed Mix

    Set the course for a high-performance, professional-grade lawn with Pennington Contractors Mix. This bag contains varieties that are formulated for the region in which it is sold, so you can rest easy knowing the seed mix you buy will provide quick, dense, professional-grade results.

  • Lawn Booster Winter Overseed

    Pennington Lawn Booster with Perennial Ryegrass it the ideal Winter Over-Seeding mix. It contains Mulch, Grass and Fertilizer to help keep your lawn green all Winter long and guaranteed success the first time. The 30 lbs. bag boosts up to 500 sq. ft. and is ideally planted in fall over Winter-dormant grass lawns. Pennington - The Grass is Greener on our side.