Pennington's long history in farming

Pennington has a long history in the farming industry, starting with the first members of the Pennington family that moved from Europe to Morgan County, Georgia in the 1700’s. The Penningtons have always farmed the land, and since 1945 they have provided farmers with the seed necessary to grow their own healthy crops.

Over 70 years of experience in developing and testing

Now with over 70 years of experience in developing, testing and offering the highest quality seed available, Pennington has become one of the largest seed companies in the United States. We package over 200 million pounds of seed annually and ship these products throughout the country and around the world.


Pennington’s commitment to U.S. agriculture continues with the current offering of our proprietary cover crop products. Cover crops not only benefit the soil but also the bottom line of every farmer that uses them. This helps keep our agricultural industry strong and growing so farmers like you can keep feeding America.