Wintergrazer 70 Rye

Wintergrazer 70 was selected for wider leaves, increased tillering and greater forage production. Wintergrazer 70 is known for consistently high yields, uniform growth and excellent coverage.

Nutrient Scavenger

Rye is the best cool-season cereal cover for scavenging unused soil N. Ryes quick-growing, fibrous root system can take up and hold as much as 100 lbs N/A until spring. A Georgia study estimated rye captured from 69 to 100 percent of the residual N after a corn crop. Rye also pulls potassium from deep in the soil profile to increase exchangeable K at the soil surface.

Soil Cover/Erosion Control

Used in a conservation till system, rye protects the soil surface from rainfall impact, reduces surface runoff erosion and increases water infiltration rates and soil tilth.

Weed Suppression

Wintergrazer 70 consistently produces 2-3 tons of dry matter per acre and its quick fall growth can outcompete and shade out many annual weeds. After mowing or chemical burndown, rye residue and allelochemicals (natural herbicides) can suppress annual weed populations 75 to 90%.

AU Sunrise Crimson Clover

AU Sunrise is an improved reseeding type crimson clover variety newly released from the USDA Plant Materials Center and Auburn University. It is more winter hardy than Dixie and heads a week earlier than AU Robin and up to three weeks earlier than Dixie. AU Sunrise's fast establishment and early blooming makes it an excellent choice for cover crop use.

Nitrogen Source

Crimson clover is a nutrient scavenger and a nitrogen producer. A crop of crimson clover will produce up to 125lbs of N and 5000lbs of dry matter.

Weed Suppression

Crimson clover's fast fall growth and aggressive growth habit make it an excellent weed suppressor.

ARG - 1 Annual Ryegrass

ARG-1 was selected for extended root growth to penetrate deeper into the soil profile to capture and hold excess nutrients. ARG-1 is a uniformly late maturing variety allowing for a longer termination window if spring conditions delay seeding of the summer crop. ARG-1 also makes excellent grazing, hay or silage for livestock with high digestibility, good crude protein levels and excellent palatability.

Nutrient Scavenger

ARG-1 is a heavy nitrogen user and its deeper root system will capture large amounts of excess nitrogen unused by the previous cash crop and made available to the next cash crop.

Soil Cover/Erosion Control

ARG-1's quick emergence and coverage protects the soil surface increasing soil tilth and water infiltration while reducing soil crusting and erosion.

Weed Suppression

ARG-1's dense root system and aboveground biomass production help suppress early season weeds. On no-till ground, killed ARG-1 foliage makes excellent mulch that conserves moisture and suppresses spring weeds well into the growing season.

Root Plow Radish

Root Plow Radish establishes quickly and produces a large taproot up to 3 feet long with feeder roots up to 6 feet deep. These deep roots capture excess nitrogen and other nutrients and bring them back to the surface to be released for cash crop use when the radish is winterkilled or sprayed-out.

Soil Conditioner

Root Plow Radish's large taproot and many branch roots create many channels in the soil allowing for better water infiltration and helping to loosen compacted soil.

Nutrient Scavenger

Root Plow Radish's deep roots and high biomass production have been shown to capture up to 170 lbs/acre of nitrogen in university studies.

Soil Cover/Erosion Control

Root Plow Radish germinates quickly and produces a quick canopy controlling runoff and protecting the soil surface from rainfall impact.