Roderick & James Touchet
T & T Farms
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Passerel Plus Ryegrass

“Passerel Plus is the best ryegrass we have used in 40 years of planting. We plant ryegrass around the first of October each year and with Passerel we are able to start grazing at the end of December until April. We get more grazing days which turns into increased profit. After pulling the cows off of grazing we have bailed as much as 121 square bales per acre.

We have used other varieties like Gulf and Prine but nothing gives us as much production for as long as Passerel Plus. Pricing is compatible with other choices in our area and that really makes it a no brainer to plant. Our Pennington dealer told us it was better and he was right - we will use it form now on.”