Scotty Rhea Annona, TX 
Passerel Plus Ryegrass

“I broadcast Passerel Plus into plowed ground around October 15. The first of January I turned 20 replacement heifers in on 20 acres and they grazed Passerel Plus until the first of March. By mid-March I was able to bale 120 4X5 roles of hay and I baled again in mid-April. Even after grazing early and baling hay, we were still able to use it until well into June. Some of the benefits we have seen with Passerel are earlier grazing and its ability to persist longer than other varieties. I have used both Gulf and Tam 90 and Passerel Plus beats both of these - hands down. I will always use Passerel Plus because it has proven to be very cost effective to my total operation, no matter if I am grazing or baling hay.”

Scotty Rhea