Bitsy Dotin

L&B Ranch
Detroit, Texas

“We chose to plant Durana because after doing some research, all of the studies showed Durana to be very productive and persistent. It has increased the fertility and value of our pastures tremendously. We put 83 head of weaned calves on a pasture mixed with Durana Clover, Kobe Lespedeza and Fescue in mid-October 2007. The heifers averaged 538 lbs., the steers averaged 575 lbs. and they gained 1.8 lbs/day. Our calves are weaning 100 pounds heaver after adding Durana to our pastures and that means increased profits. Compared to other cloves such a ball, crimson and arrowleaf that we have on our ranch, Durana works in a wide ph range and soil type. We have it on sand as well as clay and everything between. Durana is a perennial, not an annual like other clovers and will hold up well under wet or dry conditions. Even though it is a perennial, Durana is still a big seed producer. We will definitely use Durana again; at 3 lbs. per acre it was easy to establish and being pre-inoculated was also a plus. Other clovers are a little cheaper per pound but require a higher seeding rate which makes them more expensive.”