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Pan-Buster Soil Penetrating Mixture

This mixture contains Root Plow radish and Pennington ARG-1. Root Plow radish is a seriously deep rooted plant that breaks up hard packed soil and creates pores for water and air. It is mixed with our proprietary, ARG-1, our best extended root variety to add even more root penetrating capability to this mix. ARG-1 has excellent winter hardiness and is a uniform and late maturing variety for a longer termination window. 

For more info or to purchase, call us at 844-SOIL 911 (844-764-5911).
General Establishment & Management Guidelines for Cover Crops

  • Follow recommended planting times for cool season annual forages for the specific geographic region.
  • Lime the soil to a pH between 6.0 and 7.0 and follow soil test recommendations for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer needs. If practical, apply needed lime 3-4 months or more ahead of seeding the cover crop.
  • Drill seed into a well-prepared, firm seedbed or use a no-till drill to seed fields included in a limited tillage production system. Special attention should be given to planting seed at the recommended depth. Planting too shallow or too deep can lead to a poor cover crop stand.
  • If weeds become an issue requiring the use of a herbicide, carefully read and follow herbicide label guidelines for crop tolerance and crop rotation restrictions.
  • If the cover crop is to be used for forage, grazing can begin when growth reaches 6-8 inches in height and roots are well anchored. Remove livestock when 3-4 inches of forage growth remains. Do not graze when fields are wet and soggy as it can result in excessive field compaction and plant damage.
Pennington Cover Crop Mix Chart
Common Cover Crop Species Chart