Pennington Perennial Hydrangea Hot Red Purple

Hydrangeas are a staple in many gardens and will bring joy to your outdoor space. Hydrangeas begin blooming in late spring to fall, with large bloom heads in a breathtaking hot red purple color. These bloom heads are large and are perfect in cut flower flower arrangements - they are gorgeous as dried flowers as well. The floriferous blooming habit of hydrangeas produces multiple flushes of blooms all season long. Easy and fun to grow, choose the perfect part sun location, shielded from wind, with a well-draining soil. Water the soil when the top 2" of the soil is dry - until roots establish. Sit back and enjoy watching your beautiful hydrangea grow and produce long lasting, stunning blooms.

  • Perennial hydrangeas are long-lasting with large flower heads
  • Easy to grow in partial sun with dense, compact growth
  • Multiple flushes of blooms all season long
  • Shrub that sheds leaves naturally
  • Breathtaking hot red purple colors
  • Low maintenance - water once a week or until roots establish
  • Hardy in zones 3 to 9
  • Stunning as cut or dried flower arrangements
  • Flowers give off subtle fragrances
  • Produces a vast bounty of blooms
  • Bloom from Spring to Fall
  • Strong branching
  • Fertilize with Pennington Rejuvenate Evergreen & Azalea Plant Food