Lilly Miller Super Sweet Lime

  • Sweetens acidic soils in just weeks
  • Fast-acting granular lime
  • Reduces soil acidity

About This Product

Soils can become acidic or sour in several ways. Heavy rainfall can wash nutrients out of the soil, leaving behind acid-forming elements. Ammonium-based fertilizers encourage a more acidic soil, as does the natural breakdown of organic matter. A slightly acidic soil is preferred, but plant growth and yield can suffer if soils become too acidic.

Many types of lime can be used to correct this situation. The efficiency of the liming material depends primarily on the fineness of the product. Powdery, hydrated lime acts quickly but is difficult to handle. Coarse lime spreads well, but it takes months or years to work.

Lilly Miller Super Sweet blend gives you the best of both worlds. Extra fine particles are glued together into a uniform prill size that spreads easily in a drop or whirlybird spreader. When water contacts the granules, they break down and begin working immediately.

In addition to relieving acidic conditions, the granules also supply calcium, an essential plant nutrient. An adequate supply of calcium keeps soil loose and workable and helps water penetrate the surface.

Works Best On

  • Lawns
  • Shrubs
  • Vegetable gardens

How To Use

This blend can be used on both established and new lawns, as well as in vegetable gardens and on shrubs.