Pennington Annual Dragon's Breath Celosia

Annual Dragon's Breath Celosia flowers are the radiant, blazing beauty your garden needs. With unique green and red foliage, and vivid red, long lasting blooms, these flowers are an ideal show-stopper in outdoor containers, landscapes, as borders, hedges or even in mass plantings to create that "Wow" factor. You can expect blooms from spring to fall. Dragon's Breath flowers exhibit even more red foliage and flowers under hot, humid garden conditions - they thrive in the heat. Plant them in a sunny location with a rich, well-draining soil. Water the soil when the top 2" of the soil is dry and soak thoroughly. Turn hanging baskets weekly for uniform growth and bloom. Plant several flowers to quickly fill garden spaces with color. Space Dragon's Breath flowers 16" apart for best results.

  • Annual Dragon's Breath Celosia flowers radiate blazing colors
  • Easy to grow in full sun - thrives in hot and humid conditions
  • Brings height and texture to outdoor garden spaces
  • Gorgeous plumes of striking, vivid red colors
  • Can be used as a cut flower
  • Enjoy blooms from spring to fall
  • Water when the top 2" of the soil is dry and soak thoroughly
  • Beautiful shade contrast between bloom and foliage colors
  • Plant flowers in well-draining soil
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Fertilize with Pennington Rejuvenate Rose & Flower Plant Food