Pennington Bush Champion Cucumber

Do you want to grow cucumbers, but are limited on space, or not interested in dealing with the vines? It's your lucky cucumber day, your about to discover the magic of bush cucumbers. The most popular dwarf bush champion cucumber requires little space, yet they provide just as much fruit as the standard cucumber plants and they do not require a trellis. This makes them a perfect versatile plant to grow in containers to place on balconies, patios and small spaces. Choose a sunny location with a rich well draining soil. Provide water when the top 2" of the soil is dry and allow to drain. So easy and so fun, enjoy your bush champion cucumber plant today.

  • Nutritious, edible Bush Champion Cucumber
  • Easy to grow
  • Tastes fresh and delicious
  • Healthy addition to your diet
  • Harvest the same year
  • Can be planted in the ground or in a container
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Water consistently when the top 2" of the soil is dry
  • Plant in a well draining soil
  • Fertilize for best results
  • Produces multiple edible and sweet fruits
  • Fertilize with Pennington Rejuvenate Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food
  • Spreading & vining growth habit
  • Can be trained to grow on a trellis
  • Remove weeds 2 feet from the base and spread 2" of a hardwood mulch