How to Use One Step Complete to Repair Your Lawn

When bare spots or minor lawn damage pop up, you need a quick, effective remedy that puts your carpet of green back on track. Patching and repairing problem lawn spots doesn't get easier or more effective than Pennington One Step Complete. Everything you need for quick, successful lawn repair comes premixed in this easy-to-use combination product. With Pennington One Step Complete, you'll be enjoying results in two to three weeks or less. It's quick, simple and guaranteed.

Where to Use One Step Complete

You can turn to Pennington One Step Complete anywhere you have lawn damage and want thick, beautiful grass. This simple combination lawn product is ideal for patching or repairing small bare spots or larger areas with less than 25 percent damage.

Whether you're looking for a quick weekend fix of bare spots or your goal is thicker, lusher lawn in an extended area, One Step Complete helps your lawn achieve smooth, uniform beauty. For larger lawn areas with heavy thinning or damage greater than 25 percent, it's generally best to overseed or plant grass seed as you would with a new lawn.

Pre-mixed One Step Complete pours easily to cover bare spots in need of repair.

What's in One Step Complete

Prep large or small areas for repair by removing dead grass and debris.

How to Choose Your One Step Complete Product

Whether you're patching bare lawn spots or making thin areas thick again, you need grasses that will blend in with your existing lawn and flourish under your yard's unique conditions. With Pennington One Step Complete, you can choose the best product to deliver the results your yard needs.

One Step Complete Sun & Shade is an all-purpose mix of superior grass seed varieties that will thrive in sunny to moderately shady areas. For repairs in areas with heavy shade, One Step Complete Dense Shade offers shade-tolerant grasses perfectly suited to those challenging conditions. For tall fescue lawns, One Step Complete Tall Fescue blends easily with existing tall fescue lawn grasses.One Step Complete Bermudagrass puts simple, quick lawn repairs in reach for southern homeowners with Bermudagrass lawns.

The wood mulch in One Step Complete turns lighter in color when it needs water.

How to Use One Step Complete

Because Pennington One Step Complete comes premixed and ready to use, you don't have to prep the product at all. Just three simple steps separate you from quick, successful lawn patch and repair:

  1. Prepare the damaged area by removing any dead grass or debris and raking it lightly with a garden rake.
  2. Spread the One Step Complete seeding mixture over the area. For bare spots, use approximately 1 cup per square foot. (For Bermudagrass lawns, use 3/4 cup per square foot.) For extended areas, apply One Step Complete at a rate of 1 pound per 15 square feet.
  3. Water the area well. As you water, watch the wood mulch in this super-absorbent mix turn darker in color. That visual cue signals grass seed has the moisture it needs.

With One Step Complete, you can see results in as little as two weeks.

Continue to water your patch and repair areas to keep them moist until seedlings emerge and grass reaches the recommended mowing height on your product label. Whenever you see the mulch lighten in color, it's a sign your seed needs water right away. Under proper growing conditions, you'll see results with Pennington One Step Complete Sun & Shade, Dense Shade and Tall Fescue products in two weeks or less. Bermudagrass naturally germinates more slowly than many other grasses, but Pennington One Step Complete Bermudagrass still delivers results in less than three weeks.

With Pennington One Step Complete, you can take the guesswork and the waiting out of lawn repairs. In just a few short weeks, you can be enjoying a thicker, lusher, spot-free lawn beneath your feet. As a leader in the grass seed industry for three generations, Pennington has cultivated the trust of homeowners and lawn professionals by growing the finest grass seed possible. You can count on Pennington and One Step Complete for the lawn repair results you need — guaranteed.

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