How to Grow Peas in Your Garden

Planting Peas Directly in the Garden

There isn’t much more I love doing than planting seeds directly into my garden and watching them grow. This year, like most, I planted two types of peas. I have a method that works for me and hope it helps you with your harvest. First, turn your soil to break-up the larger pieces that have stuck together over the winter. Mark where you would like your peas to be planted. Next, put your trellises in place prior to planting your seeds. (Years ago I made an amateur mistake of trying to put my trellises in once the plants came up and I ruined the entire lot!)

Steps for Planting Peas

  1. Run the trellises in 3/4 square blocks to conserve space - make sure they are secure in the ground so they can survive the outdoor elements
  2. Dig  2” deep holes 5-6” apart around the trellis. This will be where you place your peas
  3. Place one pea in each 2” depth hole
  4. Cover holes with dirt. Don’t pat the dirt down hard, just lightly cover the holes
  5. Water in
  6. Continue to water your garden (unless there has been a lot of rain.) You never want it too wet or too dry.

Watering Tip: This is one of the more difficult things about gardening...figuring out when, how much and often to water per your garden location. It might take some trial and error.


Peas are susceptible to insect and diseases, such as spider mites, thrips, leaf spot and powdery mildew. Visible signs can be white, fluffy leaves, streaks on leaves, holes in pea pods, or webs under leaves. Sevin Sulfur Dust starts killing immediately upon contact and will not harm the plant. Apply a light dusting or spray frequently to keep your peas healthy and free from insect and disease damage.


There is nothing quite so delicious as freshly harvested peas straight from the garden. Of course you don't want all of your hard work to go to waste sitting uneaten in the refrigerator, which is why I blanch and freeze my extra peas. That way they will be ready when my family is ready to eat them. To blanch Sugar Snap Peas follow my instructions here, and for delicious pea recipes I have instructions here.

When to Pull Pea Vines

You will know the season has come to an end for your peas when the weather gets too hot and the plants start to wilt and turn yellow. It is time to pull them out of your garden. But don’t fret!  In most regions of the US, you can plant another round of peas at the end of summer/ beginning of fall.

Always read the product label and follow instructions carefully.

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