Passerel Plus Success Story - Paul Haidusek

Paul Haidusek

Henderson Ranch

 “We planted 4000 acres of Passerel Plus Ryegrass the last two years.We usually start planting around mid-October and finish up mid-November. With a cow herd approaching 8,000 head, we have a lot of mouths to feed so we never pull off the pastures after planting ryegrass. We usually start getting grazing anywhere for the first of December to the first of January. Basically we graze one cow/calf unit per acre from the first of each year to mid-May. Passerel Plus has worked very well under extreme grazing pressure and can stand the extreme moisture conditions we get into in Southeast Texas better than other products we have used before. Passerel Plus comes on faster and lasts longer than other ryegrass varieties we have used. 

One big reason we switched to Passerel Plus is the rust resistance. We had planted Gulf Ryegrass for years along with other varieties and Crown Rust disease was a big problem that cost us a lot of money. With Passerel Plus, we have solved that problem and experienced other positive economic values.”

Paul Haidusek 

Pennington Agriculture Resources