How we see the world

There comes a time in life when you stop the journey outwards, and start the journey in. You put down roots.

You ask life for a little more space, and maybe a patch of green to call your own.

In 1945, we planted our own roots and proudly became the people behind the seeds - and we met homeowners with high quality, innovative products to help them build the lawns of their dreams.

Today, that dream looks a little different than when we started, and yet our industry seems permanently stuck in a 1950s mentality of what a yard should look like, how to care for it, and what it's really for.

Our industry tells you we can dominate nature with our products - we say it's time to cooperate.

Our industry tells you our yard is competition with the neighborhood - we say it's a celebration.

Our industry tells you our yard should be clean, green monoculture - we say there is room for a diverse plant ecosystem that can nurture all living things from the soil up.

Our industry tells us to ignore our responsibility to the environment - we say it's past time to all be on the path to more sustainable yards.

And look here's the thing, while our industry has been busy speaking to itself, the consumer has moved on.

Today's families aren't interested in a thoughtless approach to their piece of earth they are stewarding.

Today's families want yards that have both gardens and lawns - and working together.

Today's families don't want bigger, faster, stronger lawns and gardens - they want smarter ones.

More sustainable ones.

So, when the time comes in your life to put down your roots Pennington is going to meet you there as we always have, but this time it's with a new promise, for the new generation of homeowners, all in service of reimagining the yards of tomorrow.

PENNINGTON | Nurture the Roots you Put Down