Pennington Bird Seed has been specially formulated to attract different types of birds based on scientific observation. In 1960 we established a bird feed experiment station. The birds were given a choice of 48 different seeds by building bird feeding stations where these seeds could be offered in measured amounts to the birds. The data was recorded as the amount of seed eaten of each variety weekly. This information was analyzed and from it we determined our original formulas.

We continue to repeat these experiments today to see if there has been a change in migratory patterns or feeding habits.

Today, the birds' choice of seed, their dietary requirements and the nutritional value of each ingredient are used to develop a balanced blend. With our Bird-Kote technology, we offer a balance of vitamins and minerals, so your birds can enjoy a well-balanced diet that they love.

Pleasure of Year-Round Feeding

Turn your backyard into a natural habitat for your colorful outdoor pets, by feeding them year-round. While winter creates a demand for a high energy diet, spring and early summer finds nature's food in short supply. A plentiful supply of Pennington's vitamin enriched Wild Bird Food will attract newly hatched birds as well as many other varieties of migrating birds not seen during the winter months.

Good Feeding Habits

Since birds have different feeding habits you should have several feeders placed in different locations in your yard. Place two or more feeders at different heights to avoid friction among playful Blue Jays, shy Cardinals and small Finches.

It is important to provide fresh seed in your feeders at all times. Make it a habit to clean out the old feed in each feeder before adding fresh feed. A constant supply of clean water is needed especially during harsh winter months. Store unused seed in a cool, dry place. Insects and rodents are attracted to seed (keep in mind that they may migrate to find feed), so keep seed enclosed in an area not frequented by insects or rodents.

About the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Pennington strongly supports the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a world leader in the study, appreciation and conservation of birds. The Cornell Lab uses science to understand the world, to find new ways to make conservation work and to involve people who share the passion of birding.

We invite you to join us in supporting the Cornell Lab of Ornithology by joining as a member and participating in their many exciting programs that expand your knowledge of birds. To get started, visit for a wealth of information about birds and what you can do to help them.