For more than 70 years, homeowners and lawn and garden professionals have trusted the Pennington name. Our products reflect our passion for beautiful lawns and gardens, industry-leading innovation and excellence. We take pride in providing you with the finest lawn and plant products so you can enjoy superior results.


Ready to grow the lawn or garden of your dreams? Pennington offers a full range of products to meet all your lawn and garden needs—from lawn fertilizers and weed control to soil amendments and plant food. Every Pennington product is specially formulated to provide your lawn or garden plants with ideal blends of nutrients and minerals. Whether your goal is lush green grass, prolific homegrown vegetables or vibrant flowers and leaves, we have the products to help you succeed. Every easy-to-understand label includes all the information you need for safe, simple, effective use. You can buy and apply our products with confidence, knowing the ingredients your lawn and garden receive are backed by generations of Pennington integrity.