Pennington One Step Complete Sun and Shade

  • Repairs bare spots in two weeks or less*
  • Combination premium Smart Seed grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer and mulch
  • Formulated with grasses that thrive in sunny and moderately shady areas
  • Grows beautiful, healthy, thick grass
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive Penkoted® technology to ensure better plant growth
  • *Subject to proper growing conditions

    Remove debris, then rake the soil to loosen and smooth the top layer.


    For optimal results: Spread seeding mix approximately 1 cup/sq.ft. everywhere healthy beautiful grass is desired.
    For extended results for grass up to 25% damage: Spread seeding mix approximately 1 cup/15 sq.ft. everywhere healthy beautiful grass is desired.


    Keep the soil moist by watering daily (twice a day, if needed) until grass sprouts and reaches about 3” tall. The wood mulch turns a darker color when properly watered. Once it turns a lighter color, it’s time to water again.

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    Daily Light Required: Full sun to med shade (4-8 hrs sun)

    Sun Tolerance: Very good

    Shade Tolerance: Very good

    Grass Color: Medium to dark green

    Grass Texture: Fine

    Drought Tolerance: Excellent

    Disease Resistance: Very good

    Traffic Tolerance: Excellent

    Planting Zones: All

    Recommended Planting Dates: Early spring or early fall

    Planting Rates: 
    • New Lawns: Optimum Results: 1 cup/sq. ft.
    • Overseeding: Extended Results (up to 25% damage): 1 lb/15 sq. ft.

    Planting Depth: No more than 1/4”

    Germination: 7-14 days

    Mowing Height: 2 1/4" - 3”