Pennington Select Birder's Blend Seed & Mealworm Mix

Pennington Select Birder's Blend Seed & Mealworm Mix wild bird food is a special blend for both seed and insect eating birds! Crafted by combining our Birder's Blend bird food with high-energy and high-protein Pennington Mealworms, this mix will attract a variety of musical, colorful songbirds to backyard feeders. Enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals, this bird feed not only appeals to a wide variety of birds but also provides them with a nutritionally enriched diet. Expertly crafted to entice a diverse array of birds to your backyard like Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, and Woodpeckers.         

  • Made with songbird's favorites like black oil sunflower, safflower, white proso millet and millworms 
  • Enriched with our exclusive Bird-Kote® technology - added vitamins & minerals for a balanced diet and the best in bird health