Pennington Smart Seed Clover + Grass Mix

Looking for a natural, low-maintenance lawn? Pennington Smart Seed Clover and Grass Mix is for you. Our self-sustaining Durana White Clover and water-conserving grass varieties quickly create a naturally self-fertilizing lawn, even on slopes and hills. You'll enjoy an attractive lawn that needs less water year-over-year than traditional lawns, less fertilizer and less maintenance - and supports pollinators, too!

  • Pennington Smart Seed turf grass with self-fertilizing Durana clover
  • Establishes quickly and lasts for years - even on slopes and hills
  • Grass and Clover Mix is pollinator-friendly
  • Smart Seed uses less water year over year vs. ordinary grass
  • Grows best in northern region of the US
  • Plant in spring or early fall
  • Requires 4 to 6 hours of daily sunlight
  • Simply prep the soil, spread the seed, and water daily as needed
  • See results in 7 to 21 days