How Smart Seed Saves 30% Water Year After Year

Pennington Smart Seed:

Saves Water: Saves up to 30% water year after year vs. ordinary seed.

Drought Resistant: Stays green for up to three weeks without water.

Pennington Smart Seed grasses aren't ordinary grass varieties. The difference is in the core — the seed itself. Developed through Pennington breeding and research programs that lead the grass seed industry in sustainable, water-conserving seed, purebred Smart Seed varieties are simply the best. Here's how:

Water Savings: The seed varieties in Pennington Smart Seed represent years of research and breeding bringing grasses to their full potential for water conservation. Once established, Smart Seed grasses require up to 30 percent less water year after year compared to ordinary seed. That's every year, for the life of your lawn.

Drought Resistance: The reduced water needs and superior drought resistance of Smart Seed grasses means your lawn stays healthy and attractive when ordinary grasses turn brown. Once established, drought-resistant Smart Seed grasses stay green for up to three weeks without water.

Outstanding Performance: Smart Seed grasses do more than conserve water and resist drought. These superior varieties have been selected for performance under adverse conditions such as heat, cold, disease, insects and traffic as well. With Smart seed, you get top performance plus thick, lush grass and rich, healthy color.

Penkote Technology: Penkote seed technology, a Pennington innovation, provides protection during germination and the early growth period when seeds are most susceptible to deadly fungal disease. Penkote enhances growth, speeds establishment, promotes plant health and increases seedling survival.

As an industry leader for three generations, Pennington has cultivated the trust of lawn and turf professionals and homeowners alike by growing the best grass seed possible. With Pennington Smart Seed, you get better research, better seed and better results — guaranteed. There is no comparison. The choice is simple.