Ironite Mineral Supplement 1-0-0 from the makers of Pennington

  • Safely use all through summer to maintain a deep green lawn
  • Creates a deep green lawn with REDUCED MOWING+
    +versus regular lawn fertilizers that promote growth 
  • Non-staining and non-burning
    *when used as directed at the label application rate of 3 lbs / 1,000 sq. ft. will not burn or damage plants, shrubs, or grass
  • Boost regular spring and fall fertilizer routine
  • Use on lawns, flowers, shrubs, vegetables and trees
  • NPK 1-0-0

About This Product

Vibrant, deep green foliage is a sign of a vigorous plant. Pale green or yellow foliage can be caused by nutrient deficiencies which can be corrected by the Iron, Sulfur and other minerals found in Ironite Mineral Supplement. Use this product to green up your lawn and garden.

How To Use

For best results on lawns, use 4 times per year as a supplement to your regular fertilizer program.

Apply according to rates provided on the product package, not to exceed 10 lawn applications per year.


Lawn jpg

Grass will look greener within one week.*
*when used as directed.

Child-and-dog jpg

Children and pets may reenter the
area after application area has dried.

soil-test jpg

Contains Advanced Soil TechnologyTM
(AST), which improves the physical
characteristics of the soil for maximum

water-sprinklers jpg

Water less - AST also helps soil retain
more water.**
**versus non-AST fed grass.