Alaska branded fertilizers take their inspiration from the nutrient-rich fish fertilizers that gardeners and farmers have used for centuries to enrich soil and enhance plant vigor and health. Derived from ocean fish and kelp, naturally-based Alaska fertilizers combine the benefits of these time-proven traditions with the best of modern science to provide you with highly effective alternatives to synthetic fertilizers.

With Alaska branded fertilizers, the naturally occurring nutrients from fish and kelp provide your plants with essential nutrients needed for strong, healthy, natural growth. But the benefits of these gentle, non-burning products don’t stop there. As the natural ingredients in these formulas break down and release plant nutrients over time, they also work to improve soil’s structure and condition. Enhanced soil health translates to more nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables and more vibrant plants and flowers for you.

From OMRI-listed Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1—approved for certified-organic food production—to natural-based garden fertilizers and essential supplements for hydroponic growing, Alaska branded fertilizers offer everything you need for dependable, effective, natural-based plant nutrition you can trust.

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