Pennington Wildflower Western Garden Mix

Wildflowers are a great way to add beautiful colors and textures into your landscape. This Western Garden Seed Mixture has been specially selected and formulated to produce a bright, colorful meadow or border. Enjoy an assortment of wildflowers, like Blue Flax, Blanket Flower, Lupine, and many other pollinator-friendly seeds. For successful planting, simply prepare the soil, plant the seed, and water and fertilize seeded areas.

  • Pennington Western Garden Mix attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees
  • Seed mix produces beautiful bright colors and rich textures for landscape
  • Seed mix creates a colorful meadow or border
  • Features pollinator-friendly varieties like Blue Flax, Blanket Flower and Lupine
  • Plant in early spring or late fall after regular frost
  • Requires full sun to partial shade
  • Simply prep the soil by removing existing growth and rocks, plant the seed, and water and fertilize seeded areas