pennington ultragreen

Pennington UltraGreen fertilizers support your lawn and plants at every stage of growth with premium nutrients that help you achieve premium results. With a full range of products, all specially formulated to meet specific lawn and plant needs, UltraGreen products are designed for quick growth and long-lasting impact.

Easy-to-apply UltraGreen lawn fertilizers deliver the ideal ingredients your lawn needs for quick greening, fast growth and deep green color. These premium fertilizers include fast-acting nitrogen for immediate feeding, plus slow-release nitrogen that keeps feeding your lawn for up to 3 months. That means less investment in time, products and labor for you.

Because UltraGreen lawn fertilizers include stabilized nitrogen, more of the nutrients you apply stay available to grass—strengthening it against heat, drought and other stress—while less fertilizer is lost to the environment. Plus, the 5% iron in Pennington UltraGreen lawn fertilizers helps ensure you enjoy a deep, dark green lawn all season.

Pennington UltraGreen plant foods, from all-purpose formulas to specialty fertilizers that enhance blooms and fruit, provide your indoor and outdoor plants with the nutritional foundation they need to excel. Each premium UltraGreen plant food starts feeding your plants immediately, then continues feeding steadily for up to four months. With UltraGreen, your plants receive just the right blend of essential nutrients over time. Plus, they get micronutrients in superior forms that make it easier for plants to absorb these extra essentials.

Whether you’re after a lush high-performance lawn, glossy tropical houseplants, abundant vegetables or delicious citrus fruits, Pennington UltraGreen fertilizers can help you achieve your goals. With UltraGreen brand, your lawn and plants enjoy the highest quality nutrients and you enjoy the results all season long.

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