Lawn Watering Rate Calculator

The Pennington Seed watering calculator uses some statistics about your location, real time weather and a couple pieces of information from you to calculate the best watering plan for your lawn.

Proper watering is one of the most important factors in making a lawn beautiful. Fill out the inputs below to determine how long to water and get the best out of your lawn.

To Get Started: Enter your ZIP code in the search bar below.

Monthly Evapotranspiration (inches)
Nothing found.
    Nothing found.
      We have calculated the weekly evapotranspiration at your selected location to be 1.20 inches per week.
      What type of grass are you watering?
      How green do you want your lawn to be?
      How much rain did you get last week? (total inches)
      We have calculated total rainfall for the last 7 days at your selected location to beinches. You can adjust this value to meet your specific effective rainfall estimate.
      How much water does your irrigation system put out? (inches per hour)
      How many times a week do you run your irrigation system?

      RESULT: Water for 19 Minutes Per Irrigation

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