Pennington Ultragreen Lawn Starter 12-22-8

Made with premium ingredients, Pennington UltraGreen products are more efficient than other fertilizers. Half of the nitrogen in this unique line is slow-release, so each formula feeds your lawn for up to 3 months. A portion of the nitrogen in this Starter Fertilizer is also stabilized++, which allows grass to use more of the nutrients you put down and reduces nutrient loss to the environment.

The main ingredient in this formula delivers phosphorus, the most crucial nutrient in establishing new grass from seed or sod. Phosphorus promotes vigorous root growth, which provides a stronger, more durable lawn.

Benefits of Pennington UltraGreen Starter Fertilizer

  • Builds strong deep roots for thick, full grass
  • Promotes vigorous root growth for faster lawn establishment*
  • Feeds for up 3 months
  • Helps all types of grass seed, sod and plugs establish roots fast
  • Rich in Phosphorus: for vigorous root growth, Contains Nitrogen: for growth & greening
  • NPK 12-22-8

*versus unfed

Available in a 2.5LB bag for 1,000 square feet