Pennington Ultragreen Lawn Fertilizer 34-0-4

This premium fertilizer contains special ingredients and is the only brand with Myco Advantage technology, so it provides better results than ordinary fertilizers. Half of the total nitrogen in this unique blend is slow-release and keeps feeding your lawn for 3 months. The other half of the nitrogen is stabilized for less leaching into the environment. With less nutrients lost, your grass can use more of the fertilizer you buy and apply.

With this enhanced efficiency fertilizer, you only need 12 pounds to cover 5,000 square feet of lawn.

  • Promotes thick, green grass
  • Phosphorus-free
  • Good for all grass types
  • The only brand with Myco Advantage technology for better results than ordinary fertilizer!
  • Boosts nutrient uptake for a lush, green lawn
  • Increases drought tolerance and reduces watering needs by extending root absorption area
  • NPK 34-0-4

Available in a 12LB bag for 5,000 square feet and a 36LB bag for 15,000 square feet