Cover Star All Purpose Mixture

This mixture contains Wintergrazer 70 cereral rye, Oats, and AU Sunrise crimson clover. Wintergrazer 70 can scavenge up to 100 lbs/A of nitrogen from the previous cash crop. Oats will produce considerable biomass and be an excellent scavenger and AU Sunrise will also scavenge excess nutrients while producing up to 75 lbs/A of nitrogen. Together these three cover crops enrich the soil with nitrogen and other nutrients while increasing soil tilth for the next cash crop. 

General Establishment & Management Guidelines for Cover Crops

  • Follow recommended planting times for cool season annual forages for the specific geographic region.
  • Lime the soil to a pH between 6.0 and 7.0 and follow soil test recommendations for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer needs. If practical, apply needed lime 3-4 months or more ahead of seeding the cover crop.
  • Drill seed into a well-prepared, firm seedbed or use a no-till drill to seed fields included in a limited tillage production system. Special attention should be given to planting seed at the recommended depth. Planting too shallow or too deep can lead to a poor cover crop stand.
  • If weeds become an issue requiring the use of a herbicide, carefully read and follow herbicide label guidelines for crop tolerance and crop rotation restrictions.
  • If the cover crop is to be used for forage, grazing can begin when growth reaches 6-8 inches in height and roots are well anchored. Remove livestock when 3-4 inches of forage growth remains. Do not graze when fields are wet and soggy as it can result in excessive field compaction and plant damage.