Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ All Purpose Fertilizer

Smart 1 Feed™ Fertilizer

Pennington has decades of experience when it comes to growing vigorous, long lasting plants. For plants that blossom, flowers that bloom and big, red, juicy tomatoes, you need to start with the right foundation. Pennington's new Smart 1 Feed™ line of specialty fertilizers continuously feeds your plants for up to 8 months, nourishing them with the nutrients they need, just when they need them.

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Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ All Purpose Fertilizer

• NPK: 12-5-7
• Great for use on all types of plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs & ornamental plants

Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron Fertilizer

• NPK: 10-8-8
• Specially Formulated for acid loving plants and evergreens

Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ Bulb & Bloom Fertilizer

• NPK: 10-20-10
• Specially Formulated to create maximum blooms & color

Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ Citrus & Avocado Fertilizer

• NPK: 13-4-3
• Specially Formulated to produce lush trees and delicious fruit

Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ Rose & Flower Fertilizer

• NPK: 12-8-8
• Specially Formulated for season long blooms on flowering plants and roses