Pennington® Premium Select Blend

Pennington® Premium Blends

Our Premium seed blends attract a wide variety of songbirds. This line also contains straight seeds such as safflower seed, sunflower chips and thistle seed.

House Finch
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Pennington® Premium Safflower Seed

Great for year-round feeding
Not as attractive to squirrels as sunflower

Pennington® Premium Select Blend

Great to feed year-round
Enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help provide wild birds a more balanced diet

Pennington® Premium Sunflower Chips

Enriched with Bird-Kote®
Attracts a wide variety of songbirds

Pennington® Premium Thistle

Attracts finches, siskins and chickadees

Pennington® Premium Wild Finch Blend

Attracts finches, siskins and chickadees